Server Installation Checklist

This video shows checklist items that are important if you are assigned a task to install SQL Server in cluster mode from the scratch. It briefly talks about each checklist item as below.
1- How to prepare cluster nodes for SQL Server cluster installation
2- How to configure cluster nodes using Static IP address
3- How to remove DHCP setting from cluster nodes for static IP configuration
4- Choosing cluster logical names as well as cluster static IP address
5- Requirements for configuring MSDTC in cluster
6- How to install cluster related windows features and roles
7- Network requirement for SQL Server cluster setup
8- Shared Disks essentials for SQL Server cluster setup
9- Best practices for creating Shared Disks in SQL Server cluster
10- All the steps required to configure SQL Server cluster successfully.
11. Check list available in attachment

Blog post link for the video with script if used

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